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  • 2023/12/14 We conducted a social studies field trip for third graders of Kambara Higashi Elementary School.
    On November 21, 2023, 29 third graders from Kambara Higashi Elementary School visited our plant for a social studies tour.

    The purpose of the tour was to deepen their understanding of the company's safety and environmental initiatives unique to a chemical plant, and included an explanation of the company and a plant tour.

    During the tour, the students were given an explanation of what the company makes and what kind of products it manufactures, and what kind of clothing the employees wear to ensure safety.
    During the Q&A session, the participants asked questions such as, "How much product is produced in a day?" Why are the towers so high? We received many questions from a variety of perspectives, such as "How much product is produced in a day?
    It was very impressive to see the students taking notes and listening intently to the explanation, and it was a very valuable experience for us as well.

    We hope that the social studies field trip will help the children develop a connection and attachment to our company and the local community.
    We also hope that it will help the children develop an interest in work and life and think about their future careers as they grow up.
  • 2023/12/11 As a social contribution activity, we picked up trash on the beach.
    As a social contribution activity in line with our environmental policy, we conducted a trash pickup along the Kambara Coast on Wednesday, October 25.
    A large number of participants gathered on the day of the event to collect plastic trash, bottles, cans, and many other items that had fallen onto the beach, contributing to the beautification of the area and raising employees' awareness of the natural environment.

    Through this activity, we realized once again that the pollution of the "Mother Sea," from which we receive our chlorine supply, is spreading.
    In addition, the development and use of biodegradable plastics is spreading rapidly around the world.
    While the development of such new materials is important, I hope that the Japanese people's cherished custom of "garbage goes in the trash" will spread throughout the world, and we will do what we can to help, starting with our immediate surroundings.
  • 2023/04/10 Participation in the 2023 Halogen Utilization Mini Symposium has been confirmed.
    We will give a presentation at the 2023 Halogen Utilization Mini Symposium to be held at Kochi University of Technology, Kami Campus on December 1, 2023. The content of the presentation will be posted at a later date.
  • 2023/04/03 We will participate in the Japan Society for Process Chemistry 2023 Summer Symposium.
    " We will have a company exhibit and poster presentation at the Japan Society for Process Chemistry 2023 Summer Symposium to be held at Tower Hall Funabori (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo) on 8/3-8/4/2023.
    Details will be posted at a later date. "
  • 2023/03/31 We will participate in Chemspec Europe 2023.
    We will have a corporate exhibit at Chemspec Europe 2023 in Basel, Switzerland on May 23-24.
    Exhibition Booth: E249

    We will also have a Digital Showroom.
    Please drop by and visit us.
  • 2023/03/30 Our company was introduced in the April issue of “すろーかる” a Shizuoka information magazine.
  • 2023/03/20 We have renewed our website, thank you for your continued support.

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