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Code of Conduct

1. Basic Matters

[1] Foundation of Compliance

Compliance is the observance of laws and regulations and respect for social norms such as ethics and morals. Since there is a risk that the anti-moral behavior or mannerisms of officers and employees may cause significant damage to a company's credibility, brand value, and corporate image, it is important to have not only corporate ethics but also the ethical values of each and every officer and employee. In addition, understanding and implementation of global social responsibility based on perspectives such as respect for international codes of conduct is required.

[2] Corporate Ethics

As a company engaged in the core business of manufacturing and selling chemical products, we shall strive to establish high corporate ethics that will earn the trust of all those involved, from research and development to sales of products that support the multifaceted role of the chemical and materials industries. We will also respect social norms such as ethics and morality, and act in a manner that meets the expectations and trust of our stakeholders.

[3] Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will faithfully comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and company rules, and conduct our business activities with social good sense.

[4] Compliance with the Code of Conduct

We shall comply with Iharanikkei Chemical Industry's Code of Conduct as a basic rule, but this Code does not necessarily cover all actions. With regard to those not stipulated in this Code of Conduct, we must take appropriate actions in accordance with the spirit of Iharanikkei Chemical Industry's corporate philosophy and Code of Conduct.

2. Integrity and Pride as an Employee of Iharanikkei

[1] Respect for privacy and diversity

We shall strive to the utmost to respect the privacy of fellow employees and respect diverse values.

[2] Prohibition of bribery

We will not offer bribes to public officials or quasi-officials, regardless of country or region. We will also maintain sound and appropriate relationships with political and administrative bodies.

[3] Prohibition of Harassment

We shall strive to create a healthy workplace, free from sexual harassment, power harassment, gender harassment, maternity harassment, or any other harassment or nuisance in the workplace.

[4] Distinction between public and private matters

We shall use our assets, goods, and other property only for the purpose of conducting our business activities, and shall not use them for personal purposes.

[5] Personal ethics

In order for the company to achieve compliance, each of us shall endeavor to faithfully observe all relevant laws and regulations in our daily business activities and to act in accordance with social good sense.

[6] Ensuring Data Reliability

We shall engage in research with seriousness and sincerity, and shall never fabricate or falsify data so as not to disgrace the pride and conscience of researchers. We will also never fabricate or falsify product or quality data in our production activities.

[7] Workplace Safety

We will provide all employees with opportunities for skill development and self-realization to the greatest extent possible. In addition, we aim to create a safe and comfortable work environment and an open corporate culture through active communication. In production activities, we will promote safety measures in the workplace by wearing safety and health protective equipment as required by internal rules and standards and by taking the best possible safety measures.

3. Total Win with Customers and Suppliers

[1] Provide products that lead to customer satisfaction

(1) We shall strive to create products that create new value and ensure a stable supply of products. (2) We will develop new high-quality products at reasonable costs to meet customer needs.

(2) With pride and responsibility in being involved in the manufacture of products that meet customer needs and trust, we will promote efficient and high-quality "monozukuri" so that we can provide a stable supply of products to our customers, and we will strive for safe operations under appropriate quality control, in consideration of the environment, and to prevent accidents and disasters.

(3) We shall take pleasure in providing safe and high quality products and services, conduct fair sales activities and appropriate public relations activities, and strive to respond appropriately and sincerely to requests and claims from customers and business partners.

[2] Compliance with Antitrust Laws

We will comply with antitrust laws, including unfair restraint of trade such as cartels and bid rigging, prohibition of private monopolization, prohibition of unfair trade practices such as abuse of a superior bargaining position, regulation of activities of business associations, and regulation of business combinations. We will also be conscious of compliance with overseas competition laws, and engage in fair business activities.

[3] Gifts and Entertainment

We will respect the status and rights of our business partners and maintain sound relationships with them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and fair business practices when conducting business. We do not provide or accept excessive entertainment or gifts that are beyond the scope of common sense.

[4] Supply Chain

We will strive to conduct appropriate procurement activities with due consideration for the promotion of CSR and respect for international codes of conduct. We will also follow appropriate procedures for the import and export of products and technical information in accordance with import/export laws and regulations.

[5] Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

We will avoid any transactions that may cause conflicts of interest.

4. Respect for Stakeholders

[1] Local Communities

We shall strive to contribute to the local community by deepening interaction with the community and participating in local social activities.

[2] Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

We will strive to contribute to local communities by deepening interaction with local communities and participating in local social activities.

[3] Contribution to society

We will engage in social contribution activities in order to contribute to the production of safe and secure agricultural products, to leave a rich natural environment for future generations, and to coexist in harmony with the communities in which we operate.

[4] Protection of Confidential Information

We shall make every effort to prevent the leakage or falsification of confidential information recorded in written or electronic media, and shall manage and store such information in strict confidence.

5. Social Responsibility and Trust from Society

[1] Respect for Human Rights

In our corporate activities, we shall respect human rights and shall not discriminate on the basis of birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, age, or disability. We shall not be complicit in human rights abuses such as child labor or forced labor.

[2] No Relationship with Antisocial Forces

We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces or groups that threaten social order and safety.

[3] Preservation of the global environment

We are committed to creating a prosperous society in which people and nature are in harmony with each other for future generations. We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is our social responsibility, and we will conduct our business activities with consideration for sustainability and the maintenance of biodiversity.

[4] Overseas Business Activities

In the spirit of the International Code of Conduct, we will respect various cultures and customs around the world and contribute to local development through our business activities.

6. Education and Training

In order to strengthen our compliance system and instill corporate ethics, we will regularly conduct training on legal codes (including internal rules and regulations), respect for social norms, and corporate ethics, etc.

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