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Company Philosophy

Technology to create a better world for the people and the environment

Science and technology supporting our modern lifestyle have been continuously developing and is increasing its speed.  On the other hand, our biggest challenge as a modern being is to protect the environment, the limited resources and this beautiful earth we have. Iharanikkei with our place in the chemical industry producing materials, continuously strive to efficiently use the limited resources and to contribute to both environmental sustainability and our human population.

Message from the President

Iharanikkei has contributed to society through the supply of chlorinated toluene and xylene derivatives for various fields such as agro, pharmaceutical, paint pigments, polymers, textile and others. We wish to express our gratitude to be trusted though the years since our establishment.
We live in a world where global warming and destrucion of resources happen, where Technology allows the diverse and massive amounts of information, international relations of countries become borderless and the globalization of economy, values are diverse and changing. In such revolutionary environment we have never faced in decades, companies constantly face challenges where careful solutions in management is crucial.

At Iharanikkei, we understand this situation and not only commit to environmental protection and the secure of safety but also to the transparency as a company regarding risk management and socially ethical responsibility. Since establishment, our company principle has been “to satisfy customers with products they are happy with” “challenge to become No1 in quality, price and technology” “create new values though creative thinking” and “Contribute to the happiness of customers, share holders, employees and society”. Through these corporate principles we will strive as one for greater achievements.
Thank you for choosing Iharanikkei as a long lasting business partner. We ask for your continuous support and guidance.


Katsuyuki Matsunaga

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Head Office & Factory
5700-1 Kambara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 421-3203, JAPAN
TEL+81-54-388-2561 FAX+81-54-388-2583

Tokyo Office
3-22-8 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005, JAPAN
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